Geldden Group South

House Of Geldden

Is the home of R&B/Hip hop artist Brian lhexriah, established in 2008 Geldden group music started out as a simple graphics business making the jump into CD duplication before owners Michael Knolls and Lamont Sttraw decided to further venture into the Music Industry and become an indie label.

In search of good marketable talent.  with the moves being made building and setting up of Geldden studios a search for the right talent was also underway... Finding good talent is easier said than done says Geldden group C.E.O. Michael Knolls to Wus good mag, He goes on to say that there are many things that factor in when selecting the talent, that first talent that you and your partner's will be investing in.

Talent right under your nose.  From April 2008 through June Mr. Knolls and Geldden group had not yet come across the marketable talent they had been in search of until that rainy Friday in June 2008 Mr. Knolls sister Sandra Knolls had come to visit the establishment and had come to be reunited with a good friend that she had lost touch with, that friend, Brian lhexriah.

 After having a nice little dinner and catch up session Sandra, knowing Brian was into Hip hop at one time had posed the question to Mike, why had he not already signed the artist they he had working for him, with a puzzled look on his face he asked who that might be and from that point on the rest of the nights discussion was about Geldden group and they're soon to be artist Brian lhexriah.

Brian lhexriah signs with Geldden group music   2009 Geldden group officially launches with an artist that has 3 CD's to his credit. even thou Brian had already had 3 CD's to his credit with major hits that had been released under another label, Mike was itching to get Brians fourth CD produced under the Geldden label and in July 2009 this took place with the release of Brians CD entitled "lhexriah- Number 3".